Welcome to Langdon Academy

LANGDON ACADEMY – Progressio Cum Populo    -   Progress with the People

Welcome to the new school year at Langdon Academy and to a new chapter in the school’s history as we stride forward into a new era of success.

Langdon’s motto ‘Progressio Cum Populo’ is part of its rich history and is at the heart of our purpose as a school. Like all good mottos it expresses powerfully and briefly the priorities of the organisation. Progress is our core business and the degree to which all students make progress defines the effectiveness of the school.

Our motto means ‘Progress with the People’ and the word ‘with’ is very important. We work with our students to draw out their talents and capabilities; we actively engage them in their learning and we recognise that we also learn from them. ‘With’ expresses our belief that progress is achieved through working in partnership with ‘the people’: students, parents, carers, teachers, support staff, neighbours and external agencies and organisations.

The government has also now recognised that progress is the key criterion for measuring the effectiveness of schools and from 2016 new school accountability measures place student progress, rather than raw grades, at the centre of national league tables.

Ensuring Progress at Langdon

In recent months we have prioritised, through all of our action and decisions, the progress of our students so that we are in a position to commence the new academic year from a position of strength.

I am pleased to announce that we have been extremely successful in the ‘transfer window’ in recruiting suitably qualified and experienced colleagues to every teaching vacancy and that, for the first time in many years, Langdon is fully staffed with permanent appointments.

All of our new colleagues have the qualifications and experience to teach their subjects throughout the age range and to the highest standard. With the retention of most of our existing teaching staff we now have the team in place to ensure progress in every subject and for every student.

In making these appointments we have invested heavily in additional staff to allow us to reduce class sizes and to create additional capacity to enhance progress and meet the needs of all learners.

We have also changed our curriculum to ensure that our provision can deliver the highest academic standards and also provide the flexibility to provide a relevant pathway for all learners, whatever their starting points. Furthermore, we have amended the number and length of lessons in each day to maximise students’ learning and have increased the frequency of lessons in some subjects to ensure better progression and continuity.

With new target-setting and assessment procedures, new mechanisms for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning, more funding to all subjects and robust internal accountability measures, the school is now ideally placed to deliver real progress for all our students. Progressio cum populo.


  • Thursday 6th November Drama Production of 'Trojan Women' by Euripides - Tuesday 11 November at 6pm - Tickets £3
  • Tuesday 4th November October 24 - Langdon 'Anne Frank Ambassadors' to join PM in Whitehall for WW1 Memorial
  • Tuesday 4th November October 20 - Drama brilliance as 'Titus Andronicus' triumphs at Shakespeare Schools Festival
  • Tuesday 4th November September 1 - Ayesha Haque achieves maximum A* Grades in all 12 GCSEs!
  • Tuesday 4th November October 22 - Yaseen Bux in Year 11 has been voted Young Mayor of Newham 2014-15! Congratulations!
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